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DIY card gift box Tutorial.

Hello! I have quickly made some easy boxes and thought it would be great to share how I did it, here on my blog.

It really is pretty easy, and you need minimal equipment. Just some card, scissors and tape!

I’m so happy you’re here to join me, Let’s get going.

From left to right.
1. You need 2 sheets of A4 card
2. Have the card portrait, gently pinch fold in half right in the the middle.
3. Unfold and turn landscape. Gently pinch fold in middle again.
4. Unfold and smooth out. You should see some guideline folds now.
5.Lay card landscape Take the left hand edge and fold into the middle. Press down along the edge.
6. Repeat to the right side. You should have something that looks like a wardrobe – the two sides “doors” should meet exactly in the middle!
7. Unfold and take bottom edge up to the middle, fold down.
8. Repeat to the top edge.
9. Have the card portrait. Cut down ONE section line.
10. Repeat to all corners.
11.pick up the two tabs and glue/tape together.
12. Tip the box up and fold the remaining edge over on top of the two tabs inside the box. Secure with /glue/tape. (Repeat on the other side.)


13. 14 Decorate the top side of the card
(Get the kids involved –
we used screws to print with!)
15 and 16. Fold in half gently from top to bottom and lengthways (These are marker folds)
17. Next, fold the edges in as before, but leave a gap up the middle
(one finger width is usually enough)
18. Repeat the other length way –
remember to leave a gap.
This will make this box big enough to slide over the other one.
19. Fold in the corner tabs as before
Secure with tape/glue.
20/21 Line with squares of patterned tissue. Add sweet treats in bags and tie bows with some wool scrap lengths.

22.Put the upper lid box on top of the lower (now filled) box.

23. Tie with some twine or string and add labels.

Individual sweet combinations (sooooo many options to choose from) confection affection with a £1 same day – if ordered before 3pm – HOME DELIVERY for GL5 postcodes! .

Thank you for learning how to make a gift box with me. The possibilities are really endless. If you start off with A3 sheets you will get a larger set of boxes and the smaller the card size, obviously the smaller the box will be!

Don’t forget to tag me with #jljdiygiftbox if you choose to share your beautiful boxes online!

Love, Jen oxoxo


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